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Team Picture 2023-24

AHWC Purposes

The purposes of the Anacortes Hawkeyes Wrestling Club are: to promote interest in the sport of wrestling among the youth and parents in the Anacortes area, to supervise, sponsor and assist a disciplined and competitive program of wrestling, to develop in members, the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty and respect for authority, and to stress the concept of parents and children working and playing together in all club activities so that the family may be strengthened in the process.

AHWC Top 8 at State

2014 Folkstyle

Aiden Meyers Pee Wee 1st

2015 Folkstyle

Ian Wright Bantam 1st

Logan Baumgaertner Bantam 2nd

2016 Folkstyle

Ezrah Hudson Pee Wee 2nd

Tony Rios Novice 4th

2017 Folkstyle

Gavin Byer Bantam 7th

Brady Larson Bantam 7th

Max Ice Bantam 6th

Maddox Ice Intermediate 3rd

2018 Folkstyle

Mercy Ice Pee Wee 1st

Ezrah Hudson Bantam 5th

2019 Folkstyle

Isaiah Soltero Pee Wee 3rd
Ryder Colson Bantam 3rd
Gavin Byer Intermediate 8th
Austin Sutton Intermediate 3rd

2020 Folkstyle
Isaiah Soltero 6U 3rd
Elyce Graves 6U 7th
Torben Sommer 8U 6th
Mercy Ice 8U 3rd
Ezrah Hudson 10U 8th
Ryder Colson 10U 3rd
Rylin Lang 14U 7th

2021 Freestyle
Isaiah Harju 10U 4th
Jaden Tobey 14U 4th

2021 Greco
Jaden Tobey 14U 4th

2021 Folkstyle
Asher Harju 8U 5th
Isaiah Soltero 8U 6th
Isaiah Harju 3rd

2022 Folkstyle
Isaiah Soltero 8U 5th
Ryder Kooken 8U 7th
Charlie Pendergrast 8U 6th
Isaiah Harju 12U 7th
Drake Sommer 12U 5th

2022 Freestyle
Torben Sommer 10U 6th

2023 Folkstyle
Beckett Harrington 8U 4th
Paxton Krawczyk 8U 3rd
Avaughn Carter 8U 2nd
Asher Harju 10U 5th
Ryder Kooken 10U 5th
Parker Kooken 12U 5th
Isaiah Harju 12U 2nd
Carter Elfving 14U 8th
Miguel Maldonado 14U 8th

2024 Folkstyle
Beckett Harrington 8U 8th
Asher Harju 10U 6th
Ryder Kooken 10U 2nd
Draker Sommer 14U 8th
Jeremiah Harju Open 8th

Club Bylaws

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